Becoming a Renewing Life™ Facilitator

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Renewing Life™ Facilitator.

Steps to Becoming a Renewing Life™ Facilitator:

  1. Attend an 8-week Renewing Life™ Group or 3-day retreat as a participant
  2. Submit the Renewing Life™ Facilitator Application Form (Download Form Below)
  3. Pass Background Check
  4. Complete all homework including reading and writing assignments
  5. Co-facilitate one Renewing Life™ session with an assigned certified Facilitator
  6. Receive final approval and credentialing by Renewing Life™ and Pathways

The Power of Renewing Life™
: As a Facilitator, you have an opportunity to model, support, and encourage participants to make meaning out of life’s challenges - it’s a transformative experience! We look forward to supporting you on your journey to becoming a Facilitator.

Please feel free to contact our Program Manager with any questions - 612-822-9061.