About Pathways

Our Mission

Pathways’ mission is to provide resources and services for people with life-threatening or chronic physical illness – as well as caregivers - to explore and experience complementary healing approaches.

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How we serve, Who we serve

Pathways serves individuals who seek healing for body, mind, heart and spirit. A nonprofit organization created in 1988, we offer free holistic services for people with life-threatening and life-changing health situations who may or may not be using conventional medical treatment. We encourage the understanding that healing and curing are two different things and that healing is always available even when a cure is not.

Pathways provides a safe, warm, creative and nurturing environment in which participants can explore the possibilities of healing. Our organization was founded by people whose own health crises provided an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking about and dealing with illness. Pathways believes that everyone should have access to holistic healing and everyone should have support in becoming active participants in their own health and well-being.

Our approach encourages you to discover what works best for you - we take the lead from you.

Pathways’ healing services are offered by volunteer providers who help participants explore a wide range of healing approaches for body, mind, heart and spirit.

Pathways schedules:

  • 8,000+ participant visits per year at Pathways
  • 2160+ one-to-one healing sessions each year
  • 5840 + participants in groups
  • Over 5,000 hours of sessions from volunteer providers to participants, all at no charge
  • Numerous sessions at community-based organizations

Pathways Current Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

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