About Renewing Life™

Renewing Life™ is a program designed to empower individuals to live well amidst life-threatening or chronic physical illness as well as challenging life transitions. Weaving together holistic tools and life experiences, Renewing Life invites individuals to discover and create new ways of being within a supportive environment.

Pathways offers the following versions of Renewing Life:

  • Renewing Life: Traditional Curriculum
  • Renewing Life through the Expressive Arts
  • Renewing Life for Older Adults
  • Key features of Renewing Life:
  • 8 weekly sessions or 3-day intensive format
  • 2 trained, experienced facilitators
  • 150 page participant manual (Traditional and Expressive Arts versions)
  • A safe, confidential and inspiring space

Renewing Life serves those who are:

  • Experiencing life-threatening or chronic illnesses
  • Caregiving for someone with a life-threatening or chronic illness
  • Undergoing challenging life transitions

Curriculum includes:

  • Exploring the body, mind and spirit connection
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Understanding emotions
  • Reviewing and renewing life purpose
  • Personally defining grief and loss

Renewing Life is offered at the following locations:

  • Pathways Healing Center in Minneapolis, MN
  • Community partners in the Twin Cities metro area with regional and national opportunities

Ways to engage with Renewing Life:

  • Enroll in an upcoming Renewing Life Session
  • Offer Renewing Life at your organization
  • Become a certified Renewing Life Facilitator