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  • Category 1
    For persons with life-threatening physical illness (cancer, debilitating heart disease, HIV/AIDS, lymphoma, MS, ALS, transplants, etc.).
    Category 2
    For persons dealing with disability, pain and/or other symptoms related to a physical chronic illness, or physical injury (CFS, chronic pain, diabetes, lyme, etc.). This category is also designed for persons from Category 1 who have no advance in illness following one year of Pathways' services.
    Category 3
    For persons in recovery from stress and emotionally based concerns related to physical illness and for persons from Category 2 following one year of receiving Pathways' services.

    We do not offer services addressing mental illness and can refer those looking for professional mental health services to other mental health organizations.

    Category Status is self-identified. However, if you have been a Category 1 or 2 for one year without any advance in illness, we ask that you change your category to the next lower level. This allows the newly diagnosed or those with advancing illness to have the highest priority. Caregivers may choose to select the same category as the person they are caring for.